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Do I have to pay witness fees for an out-of-state deposition domesticated in California?

A very common question asked in interstate discovery revolves around which state’s laws apply. In other words, if one issues a subpoena out of, let’s say Arizona, and that subpoena is domesticated in California, do Arizona’s rules apply or do California’s? The answer is: it depends. Matters of civil procedure will typically fall under California law. The rules of evidence, however, would be governed by the rules set forth under Arizona law.

A perfect example of this, is statutory witness fees. California Government Code section 68903 reads as follows:

“Except as otherwise provided by law, witness’ fees for each day’s actual attendance, when legally required to attend a civil action or proceeding in the superior courts, are thirty-five dollars ($35) a day and mileage actually traveled, both ways, twenty cents ($0.20) a mile.

This same witness fee statute applies to depositions and applies to out-of-state depositions domesticated in the California. In fact, the “Deposition Subpoena for Personal Appearance in Action Pending Outside California” California Judicial Council form explicitly states so:

The California Statute Regarding WItness Fees Applies to Interstate Actions

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