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How We Domesticate Your Out-of-State Business Records Subpoena in California

Many attorneys and self-represented litigants have questions about how the process works for the domestication of out-of-state business records in California. At Hickman Robinson Yaege LLP, we simplify this potentially complex and confusing process.

1. We are provided with the name of the out-of-state client so we can perform a conflict check.

2. Assuming there is no conflict, the client sign the retainer agreement and pays the flat-fee invoice.

3. A draft of the out-of-state subpoena to be domesticated is provided to us for our review. If the subpoena to be domesticated already doesn’t include the following information, we must be provided with: the out-of-state case number, the address of the Court in the other state, the names of all attorneys of record (or parties if they are not represented) along with address, telephone number, and who they represent.

4. Once the out-of-state subpoena is issued, we domesticate it to make it enforceable in California. Both the out-of-state subpoena and the domesticated California subpoena must be served on all parties/opposing counsel.

5. Once you have an issued out-of-state subpoena in our e-mail inbox, we can get a California subpoena out for service, typically by the next business day.

It’s that easy. Again, don’t let interstate discovery intimidate you. We are here to help!

Nothing herein constitutes a warranty, guarantee or prediction of your case.  Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result.