Depositions with Documents

Deposition Subpoena for Documents Only

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We are a team of seasoned, well-respected civil litigators who have the knowledge and experience to guide you through interstate discovery issues.

What we do is simple: for a low, flat fee, we convert your duly issued discovery instrument from another state into an enforceable discovery instrument in California. We can domesticate your non-California subpoena in as soon as 2 business days for a flat fee of $795.

Do you want to do a deposition in California and need to find a stenographer, videographer, or conference room? We locate one for you for no added fee.

Do you need help enforcing your subpoena? Our team of experienced California civil litigators will go to Court for you if necessary and prosecute your motion to compel and/or fight the opposing party’s request for a protective order.

We also have a statewide network of process servers ready to effectuate any service necessary to enforce your discovery.

Don’t let the specter of interstate discovery intimidate you. Contact Us.

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*Although in most instances we will be able to domesticate most subpoenas within 2-3 business days following receipt of all needed information from client, this in no way constitutes a warranty, guaranty or prediction, but rather a general opinion, that can be modified by changed or unknown circumstances, or occurrences outside our control, including those acts and occurrences by the Court, Court clerks, attorneys services, delivery drivers, acts of God, etc. Each case is also different and prior results are no guarantee of future success